Monday, November 5, 2012

The View from My Rooftop During the Storm

I should have evacuated when the warning came
could have been safe from the storm
but instead, I stayed and was terrified by the hurricane.
I thought I would die with the power of those winds

water rose above the pilings so I headed to the roof
and there in the night with a full moon
I saw the Atlantic swell over the seawalls
flowing into the first floor rooms,

I stood in awe of nature’s power
humbled by the sight of the disaster
felt god’s presence telling me everything will be okay
I fell down to my knees and prayed in gratitude

grateful to be spared and allowed to survive this day.
I dreamed of after the storm, making promises
to live a better life, repenting for my sins
waiting for daylight to start my road to recovery. 

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