Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Road Rage

Most drivers,
if they’ve driven for a few years,
have witnessed or participated
in road rage.

A driver on the left
moving up too quickly
making it impossible
for you to merge

another cuts closely
to your vehicle
causing you to swerve
you break suddenly

moments like this
make you realize
you’re behind two tons of steel
and can do damage to the offender

normally you are a peaceful person
but goaded by another’s recklessness

you want to squash the culprit

show him who really owns the road
and all that primitive anger
packed into generations of survival
emerges from you like the hulk

sometimes you get it under control

after a slew of expletives #@*&%
and other times you back off

giving the culprit plenty of room
but sometimes, when enough is enough,
you explode like a volcano
letting consequences fall where they may

you are King of the Road
and will not have it any other way. 

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