Friday, November 2, 2012

Acts of Kindness

All the volunteers are asleep
after twenty hours of digging through
fallen buildings and sand clogged roads
pathways are cleared and spaces tagged
search and rescue efforts fulfilled.

People from every walk of life
hear the call and converge
to the site of any disaster and offer
their hands, their heads and hearts.

Making a difference in total anonymity
for those found under debris,
to families reunited or relieved from

hunger and thirst, for those whose wounds
are cleaned and dressed, and find relief
in a clean commode. These acts of kindness

make a difference to people in need,
dollars help and are the easiest for the majority
but without the unpaid working force
the job would never get done.

Their generosity to strangers
brings food to the elderly in high risers, comfort
to infants in hospitals, support for the disenfranchised

who find solace through this charity
helping them return their 
lives to normal.

After the work is done
and these angels of mercy go back home
life becomes mundane, 

attending to the everyday chores:
getting up, going to work, taking out the garbage
waiting for another disaster to hit 

and a chance to rise to the challenge
to make a difference again.

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