Sunday, November 18, 2012

Petraeus Betrayed Us

The e-mails were found hidden online
written but not sent, available for his lover
to find, a technique learned from the terrorists,
not a confidential secret but sublime.

This man, with all his medals, a strategist;
a killing machine, had the intelligence to move
resources and troops to contain the enemy,
yet protect his soldiers, thought to be a hero by many

awarded with accolades and greater responsibility
but his wife was dowdy so he fell for another,
one who worshiped him and made him feel alive again,
and because he was a head of the CIA, felt invulnerable.

The weakness of any man is to believe his behavior
is above scrutiny, knowing he is smarter than the rest of us
but he didn’t take into account the jealousy
and eye scratching ferocity of two women

competing for the attention of the same man.
Rumors unraveled from bare chested photos
to flirtatious banter all retrieved electronically
cell phones, computers and blackberries.

Interesting the news did not break until after the election
ties to Benghazi and our homeland security
more will be reveled as the story untangles
from honor to shame because
a respected man couldn’t keep his pants on. 

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