Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Season’s End

Turned back the clocks but didn’t realize what it meant
until it was dark early the next day, winter’s sadness
walked in alongside the darkness
too many days before sunlight returns,
dealing with erratic temperature changes
freezing at night and ninety degrees by midday,
learning to layer clothing, made of cotton and fleece
carry a light-weight bag to allow for changes
hurrying to get home before the light fades
feeling anxious if I don’t get indoors before nightfall
something has changed my ability to cope
with the onset of aching limbs and failing eyesight
preferring the safety of a locked door
when the sun goes down. 

Check-out the T.V. guide for my favorite programs
fixed a simple meal keeping it healthy
falling asleep before the show was over
made-up my mind to sign-up for a class
something to keep me occupied
through this long winter.

My left shoulder starting to hurt
one more pain to befriend because
I’ve learned that once pain arrives
it never leaves again,
all that is left on television are the late night
programs, not so funny men, competing
for my attention, maybe they’ll be funnier
if I take some pain meds, fall back asleep
waking-up before the sun rises
but it is morning and I know daylight
will spread out before me
giving me hope while the sun shines.

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