Friday, November 9, 2012

Star Power

During the economic downturn
her finances went to hell
lost most everything she held dear
her home, her health, her car.

One time during the worst days
she thought of jumping off a bridge
but decided instead to use her head
and float on the wings of change.
She saw her future drift by
whatever she believed she would do
was gone, now everything was possible
so she figured on what she truly wanted

and instead of accepting the limits
she made a choice for the first time.
It looked like she was lazy
no results for all her effort
'till she finally came to the conclusion
that even though she lost her youth
she really wanted to be a star.
She applied for opportunities

to be hired on a cast
dealt with lots of rejection
but finally got a call back
needed head shots, and resume´
and be ready to audition the next day

She was accepted, desired for her age, average looks
and comedic experience. Told to wait by the phone
when the call came she left hoping to find free parking,
took several outfits, maybe one would look good on TV.
It took a total of fifteen minutes to tape the courtroom drama

the judge did most of the talking,
while she frowned and rolled her eyes
said only a few words, but spoke on camera
though she didn’t get union rates
it will still be seen on TV.

Came home excited
said the day went perfectly.
Looked great in her studio make-up
added up her costs: $100 for head shots,
$35 for two days of gas, saved some money 

by getting free parking but only received 
fifty dollars for all of her trouble.

None of that mattered
because she knew it was the first step
to fulfill her dreams
to become a star.

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