Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rising Star

Outlandish on a public stage 
performer, quite extraordinary
adored and envied by many 

Her eyes are green, deep emerald,
hair, kinky and black; skin like chocolate
athletic body illuminated on the stage.

Crowds wrap around the block,
tickets in hand, ready to listen to the band
pushing to get close but there are too many.

Her songs stir the soul, giving insight
to love and heartbreak, the fans
scream when she dances across the stage

reaching out to touch her
but she is guarded by the man
trained to protect her from so many

When her time in the light is done
she blows kisses then she’s gone
but her perfume lingers on the stage.

She is whisked off into the night
to hide from her fans
to a secret location to be with

members from her band 
who comfort her and hold her hand.
making sure she is ready

for the next time on the stage
tries to count the days on the road
but there are too many. 

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