Friday, September 14, 2012

Robbers in the Hood

A black SUV cruises
down the freeway
while a helicopter overhead keeps it in sight
for the television crew
expanding the view 
showing the police cars

closing in on the chase.
Four armed bank robbers
trying to escape
in a world where privacy
is a thing of the past
every action, public...
fifteen minutes of fame
there is no getting away
no dramatic escape
thieves can run but they
always get caught.

What is happening
inside the SUV
are they listening to the radio
hyped up on adrenaline or amphetamine
realizing their plans have come to an end?
One makes a desperate attempt
and tosses out some cash.

It forms a distraction
maybe they'll ditch their car
and run different 
through the neighborhood.

A fist-full of dollars
should have done the trick
grabbing some fives and tens
to make their effort worthwhile

but the plan backfires when cars
block the road 
while people run out. 
Eventually the thieves are captured
all seen live, on public TV. 

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