Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Riding A Bike With No Brakes

Once I’ve started I must go
at speeds from 
fast to slow

Downhill requires the greatest skill
avoiding traffic and pedestrians
gathering speed zooming down
the highway faster and faster.
Senses become extra alert

peripheral vision acute
to sudden movements
or obstacles, the muscles both
tight and relaxed, ready to react

to sudden changes.
Life and death
hang in the balance.

There are many 

who prefer security

and normalcy to the high speeds
of a downward race
weaving through traffic
never slowing down
for the rules of the road.
Some drivers hate to see me

fly by while they crawl
in congestion for miles.

My lifestyle is the best,
so carefree among the rest,
leaving behind conventional rules
choosing ones that offer
an extreme adrenaline high.

When I arrive at my destination
I get a pat on the back, 
a bottle of beer,

companionship with folks just like me,
those who are not afraid to be vulnerable
on a bike with no brakes.

It is good knowing
after I rest awhile
I can get on my bike
and ride away.

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