Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paris in September

Rain on a street, a cliché for painters
using misty muted colors hiding the buildings
wetting the street with soft reflections

dabs of colors on umbrellas and trench coats
pedestrians of tourists and locals
huddled in clusters by street lights and lampposts

 “La vie en rose”, playing on the intercom
along with the hiss and splash
of traffic on the cobblestones.

French pastries and freshly brewed coffee
mix in the atmosphere causing stomachs to growl
quick stops at favorite shops
windows dripping, steamy and inviting

with warm lights and bright conversations
mixed with perfume and sweat from morning runs
gusts of cold from the outdoor

flowing back on to the street
to new destination more memories
evoked by a painting, “ Paris in September.”

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