Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adventures in the Morning Glories

A quick hello and off he went to the backyard
kneeling before the morning glories.

Reaching into his pant pockets to pull out
plastic army figures set out on opposing sides

the battle began shortly after sunrise
while it was still cool enough to enjoy
an hour or more of play among the
leaves and vines of the morning glories.

Once he found a litter of kittens,
their eyes were barely open, 

no mother in sight

they stumbled toward him meowing.
He gathered up 
one, a calico, with grey eyes 
who pawed at his palm searching for a teat

he placed it back under the leaves
moved away and watched from the window
relief when he saw the mother jump from the fence

then disappear in the morning glories.
She nursed her brood until they were content
but when he went back to check they were all gone

so he found his toys to play again.
Another time after the rain, water beaded
like jewels on the flowers

he ran in to get the camera

capturing the reflection of sunlight
on a raindrop framed in purple
and what looked like rhinestones
on the leaves of the rose bushes.  

Pictures by Danny

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