Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Class Warfare

Sometime in the sixties
the middle class kids started wearing rags
to identify with the poor and disenfranchised
beads and headbands to be like the indigenous.

Standing in solidarity against anonymity
fist raised to 
give it to the man.” 
Rejecting their parents post war
consumerism and materialism
accepting communal living
and sharing everything
with flowers in their hair.

Sometime in the eighties
many of these protesters
became seduced by the dollar
seeking wealth in all its power
bigger houses, faster cars, boats
and planes and designer labels.
The denim jeans and moccasins
were discarded for what really mattered;
perfect teeth, reshaped nose and breasts
manicured hands and pedicured feet
with peaceful thoughts through
a pharmaceutic induced sleep.

Today the kids are not rebelling
preferring to stay tied to the apron strings
attached to the comforts of home or at least
the luxury of daddy’s paycheck. Insisting
on all the toys of the rich even when they are 
poor by comparison, not willing to work,
yet wanting to win the lottery 
or be discovered to become 
one of the rich and famous.  

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