Sunday, September 9, 2012


Thunder clouds build along the horizon
promise of rain and flash floods
I dwell on parched land licking my lips
thirsty for the soaking, but the sun
breaks through and clouds disappear

Early evening it is the same thing
humidity high but nothing falls
from the sky, feels like an elephant
sitting on my chest, gasping for breath
sweating from the promise of rain

Morning comes and a few droplets
touch the ground, a cool breeze
for a second or two, I can hear the corn
in the fields plead for some relief
from this oppressive heat

Tales of Armageddon and  suffering
for those not ascended from earth during
the rapture, is it because there were no good
people left and everyone else is cursed
to endure
 these final days of judgment? 

Finally the rain breaks, tornadoes
rainstorms and lightening,
thunder echoes across the mountains
water rushes through natural washes
catching everything in its way

Sweeping to the ocean shore
a young mother with her two children
clinging to the top of her red Chevy
a yellow lab trying to swim to safety
gets caught in a net and struggles to get free

and the deluge continues on
two days then three, prayers seem useless
hanging from the tree, muscles ache
I will make my peace with god then let go.

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