Wednesday, September 5, 2012

People Who Create Change

"The people who are crazy enough to think they
can change the world, are the ones who do.” -Apple Inc.

sit alone under a tree
while the other kids play.
They wonder about the world
and the relationship of apples and gravity
never lonely they don't
need to be handled or fixed
while they wile away their hours
pondering the mysteries of the world
and coming up with answers

have their 
their own style  
no imitator or traditionalist
their mind is set
no matter how much others
try to contain them
they can't be defined, labeled,
or caged. There is no way
others can control their thinking
they always stay ahead of the pack.

disrupt the status quo
thinking too far on the edge
never giving lip service to the historical greats
but instead imitating their free thinking ways
challenging the premises of science
and mathematics, social structures and art.

Parents try to keep their children
away from these radical influence
trying to stop them from acting on impulse
leaving the world as they find it

while troublemakers thrive

on disorder and confusion
forcing chaos and change.

Round Pegs
do not fit into any puzzle
if all the pieces 
are available,
and all of them fit. 

Everything has an order
but there is no way to fit a round peg
in a square hole, so often it is discarded
rather than trying to rearrange the whole
puzzle to fit one piece.

Better it be destroyed, obliterated, pretending
it ever existed until it’s roundness
can’t be denied and the world changes
to include it.

Crazy Ones
are locked up, hidden away from society
ridiculed and harassed
to keep them on the edge of humanity
never letting them espouse their philosophies
or demonstrate their thinking
refusing them an opportunity to speak…
but sometimes when they are given a voice 

is revealed telling us what they see
giving us a view of their world 

expanded and exposed.

Once it is articulated it gives access 

to brilliance and the planet changes
in many ways: electricity and running water
an aristocracy 
overthrown and liberty 
for the common folk, cures for polio
and communication through a telephone line,

colors of every hue, railroads, 

and space travel.

Their private lives don’t matter, 

but the affect of their genius
is present in every one's life.

men and women who

imagine a new world 
and make it reality. 

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