Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pancake House in the A.M.

She was flushed from the last minute rush
running back to get her telephone
slipping it into her purse then
plopping in the passenger seat

leaning across the for a quick kiss
then giggling about the confusion
explaining she spilled the milk and had to clean-up
not wanting to leave a mess for her roommate.

I could see her skin above her jeans
more of a bulge never seen on her slim figure,
she pulled at her top to cover it self-conscious

at the changes, she was working too many hours
eating out too often with friends,
choosing fast food instead of her regular fare

her nails broken and unpolished
her jeans ripped strategically
revealing her inner leg and upper thigh
but overall she seemed content.

How was the boyfriend I asked,
Good she replied with a smile and sighed
telling about his adventures in Hollywood
gone too many hours but the money was good

was coming home this weekend, she persuaded
her roommate to take an overnight trip
so they could have the whole house uninterrupted

she planned a candlelight dinner
cooking his favorite foods
with a bottle of wine and exotic desert
but needed to get her hair and nails done

the house was clean, she had a new perfume.
The words tumbled as she told of her plans
her eyes aglow at the evening she imagined
anxious to be back in his arms.

Then she stopped to look at me and asked,
“How have you been?”
My details were hardly as interesting, so I summarized
and returned the conversation to her.

We pulled into the local diner for breakfast
I ordered eggs she ordered pancakes
and we talked until a quarter pass ten.

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