Thursday, April 15, 2010


The world moves along at its own pace
tragedies reported worldwide
a dollar here for a starving child,
another sent there for one with a cleft palate,
and across the continent, dollars needed for survivors
of tsunamis, earthquakes, and famines.

Voices reaching out begging
for mercy from those who
have so much, "Please send your
dollars to alleviate our suffering."

Are we god’s hand for miracles?
From our effort comes his blessing?

Is the world reeling from satan’s influence,
punishments meted out for sins and transgressions
committed by church and world leaders? The Jessie James
and Tiger Woods who chose selfish pleasure
over love? For each insignificant individual who harbors
hatred in his heart and self destructs
rather than toils to increase devotion to a greater cause?

Transformation requires us to look outward
and then take action inspired by love.

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