Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Protests

The president arrived on Air Force 1
and protesters were out to greet him

Gay Rights For Marriage and Military

Stop The Wars In Foreign Lands

Get The Economy Back On Track

No Forced Health Care

Clusters of people without jobs
affiliated with different causes
raising their voice as one
to exercise their first amendment right

Shouting out in a civil manner
some holding signs and banners
others packing guns as is their privilege
according to the second amendment

No Taxation Without Representation

They will vote one out and replace him
if he doesn’t listen to what they want.

There may come a day
when a president is elected
who is completely loved

each voter's best interest
is fairly represented
and their will is acted upon
with speed and determination

but that will never happen
until there is only one voice
to be heard and who wants that
in an democratic institution?

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