Friday, April 16, 2010

Conversations and Friendships

Her lips kept moving and the steady hum
of her voice, in her best storytelling lilt,
drummed on my brain. I couldn’t make

sense of her words but I think she
was in the starring position;
the heroine, in her tale of mundane

and petty illusions of grandeur.
She went on for almost twenty
minutes before she took a breath,
I couldn’t make sense of what she said,

stopped listening almost as soon as she began.
I’m sure she walked away thinking I was
enthralled by her story instead of plotting

my escape, planning a route I could take
to avoid future contact.

What do I want in a friend?

Someone who inspires me to act,
and by our involvement,
our lives are enriched
because of the time spent

in shared conversation.

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