Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Mexico Summer

Red clay scorched by the sun
curl and crack from lack of rain

scorpions scurry over the terrain,
potato bugs dig deep underneath.

red and black ants fight when paths cross
bumble bees visit occasionally

caterpillars hid underneath the leaves
now they've all become butterflies

lizards, horny toads and rattle snakes
bake in the sun then slink under rocks

centipedes, grasshoppers, honey bees
and wasps all compete for space

dust devils and thunderstorms
blow tumble weeds across the plain

chili peppers, corn stalks, tobacco
and beans grow in straight rows

junk pile fires fanned by northern breezes
summer is finally at an end

families of field mice move in to the barn
to feast on this season's harvest.

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