Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

The sun rises on schedule,
a brilliant gold across the horizon,
the birds calling before 6:00 A.M.;
a morning dove, three sparrows and a crow.

Easter morning is the same as it has always been
for the last sixty-one years except

there are no eggs waiting to be hidden,
no pink and green baskets to be packed
with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans
and marshmallow peeps.

The magic is hidden on this special day
the kids are on their own adventures far away.
One is visiting Yosemite after the last snow fall,
the other in the high desert along the Colorado,

The youngest working and will celebrate at the sea park,
while my husband and I can’t even find a movie to see.
We don’t eat sugar anymore so we look for other ways
to celebrate this day, that marks the beginning of Spring,
and the salvation of the risen Lord.

Wait I think the phone is ringing. They’re back in town
we’ll hurry over for dinner and hide a few eggs after all.

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