Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ghosts In The Windows

Sometimes, when I least expect it
I see ghosts standing in windows
busy about everyday things
watering plants, talking on the phone.

No one but me sees these ethereal beings
and they have no desire to interact with me.
I think they are spirits who died long ago
but still enjoy this earthly plane.

They hang around the living,
someone who is ready to pass, and they gather
to escort him or her to the other side.

I saw two today, they were standing
in the hallway of my husband’s office.
She looks familiar but I don't recognize the man.

He may have come for Dana,
who died last month,
an aneurysm in her brain at forty-five.

He might be her grandfather
and waits with her in a familiar place
until she is ready to go.

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