Monday, April 26, 2010


How would you fare under interrogation?
Would you be able to withstand the tortures
designed to tear secrets from your heart?

In the name of national security
all kinds of actions are deemed
necessary to force the enemy
to divulge plots against the
citizens of our free country.

A standard of behavior toward prisoners
developed when the United States
was a super power, when our will
subjugated all other nations
to our leadership and our visions for peace,

but when greed from corporations
took precedents over diplomatic goals
abuses of power included enforced poverty,
and torture ... in all its forms,
became an acceptable method for interrogation.

Once tempted by quick wealth
radicals emerge from the youth
to take back what was lost.

Now victims of their own weakness,
they pull back to the dark ages of their
evolution, with literal interpretations
of religious doctrine proclaiming
death to all infidels

Each new atrocity
gives the other side another reason to fight
and to perpetuate abuses in the world.

The greatness of Egypt turned to dust,
Rome and China, at one time
were relics along with the Aztecs and Mayans.

Persia and Christianity
have fought battles for generations.

Weeds cover former glory
time decays most structures
mother nature acts up
and destroys all that humans covet
without torture or interrogation.

Tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis
earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions
causing all things to return to their
original state so mother earth
can start all over again.

Maybe she'll get it right next time.

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