Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Gift

She didn’t ask for it
but others recognized her ability
while she was quite young
and told her not to be afraid.

It is a gift designed to help others
but feels more like a curse,
driving a racing car
without any controls -

images flashing by too fast

feelings of impending doom
tendency to keep it hidden
holding back, letting the potential,
stay trapped inside

but some days she had to speak up
gave warnings, hints at possible outcomes
but never revealing the complete message -

dreams filled with symbols,
sometimes obscure

"Danger is near,"
"Don’t drive to the beach,"

a feeling of suffocation,

"Be wary of your new boyfriend,"
"Hang on to your money,"
"Accept the new job," "Move to New Jersey."

Yes, it is a gift, a misunderstood ability
to tell the future and guide individuals
to their purpose in life,
helping them make the right choices

if only she could release it
and not hold on too tightly.

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