Saturday, April 10, 2010

Planting Seeds

The weather has changed
the ground has thawed
it is time to plant for spring.

Scritch, scratch
removed the top layer
scritch, scratch
expose the damp soil
below the surface.

Poke deep for planting,
cover seeds and let them
sit uninterrupted
for six weeks.

The blades will show
and the buds will form
by summertime
the yard will bloom.

Flower vases in the foyer,
on the dining room table
and living room mantle.
Bouquets to keep and give
to family and friends.

Soon the plants turn to seed
and the cycle begins again.

Bulbs pulled from the ground
placed in a cool dry place.

Perennials trimmed back,
biannual seeds removed and stored.

Bright sun turns to cloudy skies
cold forces everyone inside

to wait until the sound,
Scritch, scratch.

It’s time again
to fertilize the ground
and place bulbs and seeds
six inches under ground.

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