Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post Katrina

Refuse dumped in several places
some houses almost finished
residents determined to return
to the place they once called home

Musicians back on city streets
saxophones evoking a deep wail
trumpets heralding a new dawn
but the blues darken summer skies
and won’t let the sun shine through

Daddy’s car still buried in mud
memories of bodies floating in sludge
“do gooders,’ try to set things right
still wake up late at night
'cause every road leads to hell

Police snipers shot at looters
but no one took aim at the civil engineers
whose levees did not stand
the pounding of the hurricane.

Let the little guy, stealing milk,
take the hit for all that’s wrong
blame the cripple for not leaving town
insurance won’t cover their losses

National guards gain control
but normalcy will never return
many survivors are soon forgotten

Money cannot restore the balance
an "I'm sorry," won’t bring back peace
as they continue to fight to survive

Their will to live can overcome
this devastation. God isn’t mad at them
their faith, though shaken, is not forsaken.

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