Monday, March 29, 2010

What Makes Me Happy

The days all seem like one,
routines and the familiar
become more important.

Each sunrise brings fewer surprises
I am able to control my desires
fluttering leaves and changes in the weather
fascinate me and I can watch for hours.

My focal point is not what’s in front of me
but the memories they evoke of other times

when youth and vitality
were always a dimension to the unknown,
adventure the element in every foray,
curiosity and passion the catalysts.

Clouds gathering before the storm
last year’s spring falling to the ground
swept into life’s compost
now a fertile space for new life to begin.

I pull my sweater over my shoulders
take the tissue out of my pocket
to wipe the tears that fall
then I laugh out loud

Life has been good,
my bones ache and I long for bed.

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