Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Walking Through Walls

I’ve done it a few times in my life
that point where I walked on through the wall
when the boys on the playground
said I couldn’t play baseball
and I stood at home plate with the bat in my hands
then said, “Throw it, if I can’t hit it I’ll go away.”

The pitcher, named Randy, from my fifth grade
tossed the ball fast over the plate
and I hit it clear across the yard,
I didn’t even have to run to make it around the bases.

Another time when I thought I would like to go to college
I dropped out figuring my destiny was to be married
and raise a family, but I returned when the boys were born
balked when it came time for graduating
then walked on through, the impenetrable edifice
an illusion of my own making.

There were no jobs upon my graduation
most in my class resigned themselves
but I got hired, took every substitute position offered
and was one of three working come September
some thought I was a favored one
but I didn’t tell them I could walk through walls.

Opportunities came throughout my lifetime
some I excelled at,others I faltered, but whenever there was a barricade
I climbed on over, delighting in the challenge each one presented
but then I aged and the wall that stands before me now
seems overwhelming, too dense to break through
and so I’m stalled truly convinced that this one,
like a brick tower, has me permanently imprisoned.

So I wait, sizing up each stone’s thickness
I know that one day I’ll be ready to make my move,
injured knees need to be healed,
skills needs to be honed,
but then one day I’ll share my poems
and find the publisher who agrees
they are worth sharing for others to read.

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