Saturday, March 13, 2010

Next Generations

I got word this morning that a cousin of my dad's passed away. He was the father of eleven children. He left behind 50 grandchildren and great grandchildren. I got to thinking about future generations and this is what showed up.

The moment of conception
is invisible and unpredictable
yes, the science is known
how an egg is fertilized
but if and when it happens
is beyond our control.

Creatures of all shapes and form,
in order to propagate,
must have that moment
when the sperm enters the egg
and takes hold for another,
like itself, to be born.

This need to reproduce
is hard wired and the male
of the species will risk death
to find a mate, willing or otherwise,

capable of carrying his seed to full
gestation and producing
a live birth for another
generation marked with his DNA.

Knowing this, it is amazing to me,
that the rich seek accumulation
of monetary wealth…non living things,
to show the world their worth.
It seems a large family,

would be a better banner
to reveal the potential
of a man, a way to transform
a whole community with
his numerous offspring.

Population control, advocated
in the schools, practiced by
the educated, limits their
reproduction, leaving them
vulnerable to being overtaken
by less responsible

Numbers matter
if there is a desire to
take over the world and
get a stronghold through
reproduction of one's
own kind.

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