Friday, March 26, 2010

Take It or Leave It

Choices are made each day
one I chose to stay, another to go away.
What will I eat, too much or too sweet?

How shall I dress, casual or formal?

Which road should I take
the highway or the side road?

Each of these choices causes a change
and everything else falls aside.

It is like playing with building blocks,
a strong base creates a sturdy structure
not easy to topple a good choice to make
yet even the strongest one can end up
all over the floor with a well placed hit.

Yesterday’s troubles wash to the sea
new challenges arise and awaken me
to new possibilities and opportunities
to become someone I don’t recognize.

Laughter and tears look the same from far away
pearls are created from a grain of sand
diamonds the result of coal under pressure.

Everyday choices are mine to make
glory can come from simple mistakes.
Pies made from mashed fruits
alcohol from fermented ones
amazing treats awaiting anyone
who looks beyond the obvious
and finds the treasures
where there were none.

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