Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kind Words…Unexpected

You reached out and touched me
with your words, “You’ve been through a lot,
is there anything I can do to help?” you said.

I wanted to climb onto your lap and let you hold me,
rock me back and forth and let you soothe me with your words.

Instead I mumbled something and went on my way
never looking back, shouldering the burdens I’ve been handed.
I had never learned how to let down my guard
and let another lift me up. So I sat alone among the rocks,
isolated in my thoughts, then saw a weed breaking through
the stone bringing life to where there was none.

A sigh escaped my lips because I knew,
given time, all things change, and what I’m feeling now
will go away so I focus on new life
and invite you to stand beside me and we talked,
or should I say, I talked, and you listened until
there was nothing more to say.

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