Monday, March 1, 2010

Poem about a watercolor

A quick pencil drawing
then I arrange my supplies;
a jar full of water,
paper towels,

my favorite brushes,
althouh, I tend to use only one
once I get started
I dip it in
a viridian green
a wash for the sky
seen through the office window

then a splash of
Alizarin Crimson
and some Sap Green
to give the plants
some colorful hues

several slashes of Burnt
Umber for an office desk
then dabs of green
and more yellow
with drops of Payne’s Gray
for highlights and shadows.

I can go on like this for over
an hour and magically
an interior room appears
with contrasts of lights and darks
a tiffany lamp with leaded glass
panels arranged in a familiar pattern.

When it is dry I
frame it with a three inch mat
covered in glass

A painting like this
can often last
several lifetimes
and my signature in the
right hand corner
tags it for eternity.

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