Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday Night Adventure

The idea seemed simple enough
to visit my sister-in-law who was ill
but the problem is, she has been ill most of her life
and time hasn’t been kind, she’s never gotten better.
Yet, when she had the chance, she didn’t escape her life,
which has never been very nice.

She said she lived because her children wanted her to
but neither one is able to take care of her.
Her husband was her anchor, but he became exhausted
and died early, taking everyone by surprise
now her children fight. One gives financial support
but isn’t home much because of it.

The other gives emotional support
but can’t, or won’t do much else, and as a result
he lives on the goodness of his brother's kindness,
which has become less kind when all he truly offers
is another mouth to feed. So walking into that morass
the only comfort I can offer, she’s got to figure out
a way to die, to relieve her suffering and let her sons
get on with their lives without her.

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