Sunday, January 24, 2010


I believe every generation is born
into its own vibration
and the music is intricately
linked to the brain patterns of each child.

When the musicians arise from that population
the vibration connects
brains in all teens born
in the same year, give or take five
in either direction.

Like drum beats from an indigenous tribe
a synchronicity occurs and the dance begins
releasing the message to revolt and overthrow
or make love, peace and equalize.

Whatever the case, the purpose
is to alienate the current generation
from the one that’s passing.

The elders are released from duty
with the sound of this new vibration,
while the young get primal cues
for presidential hopefuls,
or radical thinkers,
comedic reflectors,
and transformational speakers.

In my life time I’ve been around
when classical music and big bands,
were overthrown with the rise
of rock and roll, tossed aside with
hard metal, then punks and hip hop.

All, at some point,
have been converted to
easy listening.

I’m listening for
the new vibration to emerge.

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