Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Treasure Hunting

More than winning the lottery
I’ve always wanted to find a hidden treasure;
to buy an older home and find money in the walls,
to stop at a garage sale and purchase an old painting
that turns out to be an original of some famous artist,
walk along the beach and discover a diamond ring.

My eyes are always peeled, glancing in unfamiliar places
hoping that today will be the lucky one
and I'll the make headline news with my find.

So far the walls have only been stuffed with asbestos,
paintings are from artist who should remain obscure,
the glitter in the sand is broken glass,
but I continue to forage
because one day my fortune may change
and I will discover that treasure
in another’s discards.

What’s that over there?
I believe the tattered book
could be a signed copy
from a great author,
I’d better take a closer look.

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