Friday, January 15, 2010

Unfinished Conversation

“Sushi!” the chefs shouted
to everyone who entered.
It sounded like the greeting
for a long awaited friend.
The enthusiastic call
welcomed strangers

who hurried to find tables
or single stools close
to the Sushi bar.
The small restaurant filled
with hungry patrons,
customers waited on by
indifferent waitresses

but the food was good
so people gathered
and soon there was a line
forming out in front,
no time for
lingering conversations,

not even for the couple
who sat down
near the front window.
He was older,
looked like her father.

She whispered,
“I’m pregnant.”
The vein in his head bulged
she reached out to touch
his folded hands,
he pulled away

“This was not part of the plan,
we’ll talk later," he said.
"Let’s eat now.”
but they never
said another word.

She played with her food,
he looked out the window
never making eye contact.
He finished his meal
they left in separate cars.

When would they talk again?
What would they say?

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