Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rain Forecast

The weatherman predicted rain for several days,
so pull out umbrellas and rubber boots,
prepare for chaotic traffic and wet walkways.
Bring out their bright yellow rain suits

to protect yourself from going insane.
Let the kids play outside
no listening to their complaints
while they splash in puddles along the driveway.

Later fix some hot cocoa
and serve it in ceramic cups
they can sip it while you fix cookies
be sure to stir in extra chocolate chips

then while the sweets are baking
dad can fix a fire in the fireplace,
just like the one in the mountain cabin.
Gather some favorite books

read stories until late at night.
Pull out the sleeping bags and cushions
camp out in the living room creating
pictures with a box of crayons.

When they finally fall asleep
snuggle in your own bed
and dream about how to keep
your children busy for more wet days ahead.

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