Saturday, January 30, 2010

Household Crafts and Other Mysteries

My sister sent me a picture of a man
who spent his days constructing buildings
out of toothpicks. He replicated famous
originals in minute detail.

I wonder if his art
was a meager attempt
to use his time
so he wouldn’t go insane?

He seemed to have the skill to be an architect
or an engineer, but while he kept busy for hours,
he didn’t have to compete for those big contracts,
or build structures to stand for hundreds of years.

Has he offered anything of value?

There are those who say, "To capture an image
in miniature gives pleasure to all who view it.
It will be encased in glass and people will gather
to ooh and aw, and that is the whole purpose of it."

I wonder how many toothpicks it took
and how will he store it
and what line of thought went through his head
from picking his teeth to building a city
in 1/16 inch scale?

I suppose he could have been on the couch
watching TV for all those years
and no one would
know how crazy he is.

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