Monday, January 18, 2010


Most people have heard the story
about Eve in the garden of Eden.
She was made from the flesh of Adam
but she was not him.

Adam had dominion over all creation
and all that power wasn’t enough
he was lonely and wanted company
someone like himself
to provide love and comfort.

Little did he know what he asked for
when Eve came along.

I wonder what she was thinking
when she sought out the forbidden tree?
Did curiosity overwhelm her?
What conversation did she have with the serpent
that tempted her enough to give up
Eden for all eternity?

Why, when she decided to sin,
did she convince Adam to follow?
And why didn’t he let her take the fall
and let her be punished on her own?

When we have children we think they are ours
they come from our bodies and even look like us
but so unlike us in their desires and needs.

Curiosity will take them out into the world
to discover new things and we, like Adam,
can’t control our offspring any more than
he could control Eve.

Maybe curiosity is the original sin, and like cats
we need nine lives to help us survive it.

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