Sunday, January 17, 2010

Choosing the Wrong Man

Donna had been married for several years to the same man
stoic and true, predictable by most people’s standards.
Her sisters on the other hand were attracted to rebels,
men both dangerous and exciting.

Celia fell in love with a hippie dude,
who used meditation and drug addiction
to give him a sense of love and peace,
but he couldn’t support his children
so she left him after seven years
and her life was better without him.

Deidra, on the other hand, fell in love
with a man addicted to extreme excitement.
He climbed mountains, drove fast, loved hard
but loved too many, so she abandoned
her son to get away from him.

She found another man a few years later
dressed in a police uniform
his measure for right and wrong was extreme
and it took her two years to get over him.

Sheri, the youngest, was attracted to an artist,
who used music, to express his disdain for life,
but that darkness seeped into their relationship.
Her sunny disposition couldn’t brighten their days.
She now lives alone and is content without him.

One night in a long conversation the sisters
wondered what attracted them
to such unsavory characters.
They blamed their dad for their choices.

The difference was their father wasn’t dangerous
but daring, fiercely loyal and deeply in love
with their mother.

No man could compete with that.

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