Saturday, May 18, 2013

Two Death Notices

In one day I received two death notices
one of a classmate who died after a gallant struggle
against disease and the other from a classmate
whose father died in his sleep after ninety- three years.

Two different deaths, two different amounts
of time on earth, I could be sad but the truth
is both had time on earth to live out their dreams. 

The old man lived his in the quiet of family
long enough to marry, have a career, see
his children graduate and marry. Had time
to play with his grandchildren yet, long enough
to bury his wife and eldest daughter.
Overall he lived a satisfactory life.

She, on the other hand, lived life alone,
other than good works for animal shelters
she never married, a hand full of friends,
a house full of cats and life 

was over just like that.

Will I live as long as the father? If so what
are my plans for the next thirty years. The
thirty years between 20 and 50 were my most
productive, finished school, got married,
had two children, helped raise another,
watched them graduate, bought two houses, 
began a career and traveled to faraway places.

It seems the next thirty, from 65-95, can be
more difficult, dealing with health issues,
and losses, The thing I worry most about
is becoming bored because I am already 
loosing interest in things I’ve done before. 

I don’t want involvement in a serious disease 
to become my answer for something to do. 
I would prefer to figure out how to reinvent myself

get excited about living again and doing
things I've thought were completely 
out of my range of possible. 

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