Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Phone Message

Bill picked up the phone message,
just as I was falling asleep, he listened to it
twice. What I thought I heard it say,

“This is Sally, brother Chuck is dead
There will be no ceremony.
Call me when you get the message.”

I didn’t feel a panic but a quiet relief
he was suffering and in pain, wouldn’t let
anyone get close. Chose to live in isolation
died alone and didn’t want to be remembered. 

When Bill came into the room,
I asked about the message
he said it was from the insurance and there
was a billing error, he would have to
call in the morning to handle the problem. 

So what did I hear?

Was it a premonition of a call yet to come?

Should I call my brother 

and try to connect
before he’s gone? 

Does my sister need help? 

Needless to say my sleep was ruined
too late to call, so I worried all night instead. 

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