Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Gift of Giving

The morning started like any other day
coffee was brewing by the time I got up
sun peeking through the leaded glass

casting rainbows on the wall.
Got half way through the morning paper
when the phone rang, it was my sister,
one I hadn’t heard from for several years.

She started off politely but I already knew
she wanted something, otherwise,
why would she call? I waited for her
to make her request. She conducted herself

in a business-like manner, stating all the things
she had in place and how circumstances
have gotten beyond her control
and could I help her with some cash?

Like an observer on the sideline I looked
at the clock impressed that she didn’t waste
lots of time, her request made within the first

five minutes, she must have others on her list
she wanted to call, like going to a bank
no promise of a relationship, a business deal

pulling on family strings, thinking it means
something. I could have asked her why she
needed it and what her plans were for repayment

but I reminded her she never repaid what she borrowed
before, just disappeared. It would seem foolish to extend
a loan when I know the outcome from past experience.

She apologized for her behavior, stated it was pride
that prevented her from staying in communication
she was a victim of her circumstances and understood

if I didn’t find it in my heart to help her. We hung up after
awhile, but of course I stewed knowing my abundance
comes from my ability to give, and even though I know better

I’ll redirect the money I was sending to the victims
of the tornado and sent it to her instead. Not a loan,
but a gift with no tax deductible advantage.

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