Thursday, May 16, 2013


Never had time for television or games
the challenges of working full time and raising
a family kept me hopping from one activity
to another. I can remember when events
were so tightly scheduled putting one foot

if front of the other was the only way to get
through the day successfully. Couldn’t worry
had to keep moving, falling exhausted
into bed, only to start again early next morning.

Today there is time for TV. Watch several programs
and live vicariously in their more adventurous lives
content to solve their problems before the hour is up.

Learned some card and word games,
throw some dice, keep a score, refine the rules
and discover I get better over time.

Chose the letter "x", an eight point letter, arranged
it going down, spelling the word, lox, for a total of ten
times two. My opponent was impressed went on to
connect two words to spell slots going across using the “o”
from lox and the final “s” from spice two spaces over.

There are people fighting war overseas,
making global decisions at the White House,
discovering cures for disease and getting famous

doing all sorts of things, but I am satisfied scoring
forty-five points, spelling quite, for a triple word score
winning the game ready to play again.

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