Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things Go Bump in the Night

It started when she was laid off from work
figured it was because she was home for 

longer hours that she never noticed it  but now
she hears things go bump in the night.

Sometimes they stomp on the ceiling like workman
in heavy boots, other times she hears chewing
like sharp teeth cutting through electrical wiring.
She contacted pest control but nothing was there,

called the police and the apartment manager
because of her age they decided 

she was losing her grip but no one 
seems to be able to explain

the footprints in the flower bed or the fact that no
pests have been found. She couldn't sleep in her house
so moved out to get away from whatever 
was crawling

in her rafters. She moved in with her sister's but problems 

continued. Found scratches along the window seals,
hand prints on security lock, food missing from pantry,
plus a whole box of antique knick-knacks gone.

Some say she is crazy but her sister witnessed
the same things. The two think they are being haunted
by other worldly creatures or that relatives are driving them nuts
in order to get the inheritance but everything is too real.

No one helps exorcise the demons or bring peace
to their lives so the two old ladies 
are declared unfit 
to care for themselves and relatives 
come in to pick through their things

and those creatures who went bump 
in the night have finally disappeared.

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