Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pick Me First

There I was in the back of the classroom
waving my hand up in the air shouting,

“Pick me first!” and when she did
my mind went blank uttering not a word,
turning a bright red, wishing she ignored
me like she had a hundred times before.

Then there was the time my ticket was placed
in a big wire drum, turning round and round
the young woman, who had the keys
to the city, reached in to draw out
the winner, I closed my eyes and prayed,

“Pick me first!” and when she called out
the winning number they all matched mine
I cheered and ran up to claim the prize

but I had four not all five so didn’t win after all.

More recently I attended the Price is Right
with a friend. We waited until the game began
My name was the first one called out

my friend whooped and shouted out loud
I stood in front with all the cameras
guessing price after price, always wrong.

Getting picked first doesn't 
mean anything after all.

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