Tuesday, May 7, 2013

He Was Riding on a Pig

I saw him bouncing up and down
when my eyes focused I could see
he was straddled on a pig

holding on to the reins 
racing past the grand stand 
laughing and squealing with delight. 

The pig was a large white
sow with pink ears,
a pink snout, and a little curly tail

They hurried up the hill
and down again leaving nothing 
but a blur and air filled
with laughter.

I walked out to him
when the ride was done
he was covered in mud
and flashed a large tooth-grin. 

I asked him what he was doing,
and he shouted, 
“Can’t you see -
I’m riding a pig
and it is lots of fun.”

I woke up, it was only a dream...

what could it possibly mean?

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