Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring is a New Beginning

Reflecting on the miracle of spring
how plants and animals,
dormant, in a death-like state,
awaken with the melting snow
burst forth on skeletal branches
with an eruption of color in soft pastels.

Birds return from their southern sojourn
to gather in the awakening trees
to sing the songs of spring,
blossoms bloom and bees hum,
butterflies flitter from flower to flower.

Birth of piglets and lambs,
ducklings, goslings and eaglets
filling the air with squeals, squawks
and other sounds letting mothers
know they are hungry and must be fed.

Storm shutters are put away,
windows opened, house aired out
a restless energy from a long winter
wants to tumble out to build and play. 

Pull out the barbeque, invite
family and friends for an outdoor
meal, playing games of catch and tag
staying out late ‘till the sun goes down.

Welcome spring, welcome life
a new cycle of begins.

Pictures by Bill

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