Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Honky Tonk and Beer

When the sun fades, lights glimmer,
and Hank Williams songs 
play on the jukebox

a few lost souls wander into the bar
to have a drink of their favorite beer.

All the regulars are in love 

with the bartender

they know if they ever get 

the courage to ask,
she would run off and marry them
after they get their stuff together

maybe a haircut and a regular job

but until then, they order 

another glass of beer.

Arleene walks through the front door

in her short denim skirt
wants to dance with anyone willing

she’s off limits and they know it
but a couple of swings 

‘round the dance floor

ain’t gonna hurt no one 

so they take a chance
watching for Jake 
to come busting in

to drag her home 

to her babies 
and household chores.

She was pretty once 

but time had it’s way,
still remembers the days, 

not so long ago,

but tonight, for a little while 

she is young and free
dancing across 
the hardwood floor

at the Honky Tonk joint
in the middle 
of nowhere. 

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