Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Curandera

Long before science emerged
and medicine became a discipline of its own
immigrants, indigenous tribes and slaves
practiced similar beliefs 

healing from herbs with a deep understanding
of evil, learning to break spells and curses
with mixtures of natural ingredients and rituals,
calling on the Holy Spirit to cure body and soul.

like in the garden of Eden,
continued to tempt the innocent
offering a plethora of choices
with a buffet of vices

capable of infecting
a whole community
who allowed themselves
to transgress

encouraging each other

to wallow in sin, disrespecting 
their bodies and the land, 

seeking immorality 

tearing down the very fabric
of their spiritual being.

The curandera, on the other hand
used the bounty of the earth
to heal bodies and bring forth
goodness from the inhabitants
cutting off the head of the snake
and restoring a love for god
demanding others follow her path
in humble obedience for all time.

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