Thursday, March 28, 2013

Don’t Take Away the Apostrophe

I’ve used the apostrophe all of my life
shows up as a misspelled word
on my spell check, but I’ve ignored
the suggestion to choose two words.

I won’t give up the contraction
or the possessive each connoted 
with an apostrophe: Paul’s shoes, 
Sandy’s nose, Rich’s donuts, 
the witches' brew.

We’ll go insane if we lose this little tool,
a simple mark, placed above the word
to indicates a letter or two are missing 
or who owns the car park at the curb. 

That’s Edwin’s car, don't you recognize it? 

Its, without the apostrophe, is possessive
and with it, it’s a verb.

Here is a little exercise, match the word 
from list one with list two:


LIST TWO:  we had   did not     where is     they had   she will

Now write out the two words:

a)  I've   b)  You've  c)  Can't  d)  Who's  e)  He's   f)  Let's

Finally put the apostrophe in the right place:
1. Julie is going on holiday in a weeks time.
2. The womans eyes were a deep blue.

As you can see, life's better with an apostrophe.

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